Why are New Wave Doors superior to other multi-panel door systems:

New Wave Doors, Heralded as the “Next Generation” of patio and folding sliding door systems. With all the benefits of traditional patio doors, bi folding doors, and French doors, with none of the disadvantages or limitations.

Improved Aesthetics:

Conventional bifolding doors have external and internal hardware; hinges and bogey wheels, which come in a range of colours. The door however detracts from the aesthetic sightlines of the doors, being very unsightly. New Wave Doors have no external hinges or bogeys, giving slim, seamless sightlines. Our patented Magnaline ™ hardware is predominantly concealed within the rebates of the sash profiles.

Easier Operation:

With standard uPVC and aluminium bifold doors, the individual folding panels are connected by complex hardware mechanisms. During operation, all of the doors have to be opened at once making the general use heavy and cumbersome. With our range of New Wave doors, each of the panels slide and swing independently of one another, ensuring a light and easy operation. In addition to this, there are no intermediate locking points along the door, reducing the operation time.

Flexibility and Versatility:

As above, with the panels not being interconnected, it gives the end user the freedom to open and stack individual panels at their discretion. This is perfect for the UK climate where for most of the year you may not want the entire door system to be fully opened, as with an alternative sliding-folding door system. Instead only stack the doors in an intermediate open position giving the perfect amount of background ventilation.

Space Saving:

With orthodox bi-folding door systems, the doors fold along the track systems, meaning that a certain amount of either your house or garden room space must be kept clear during operation. Even if the doors were to open out into the garden area, the inside must be kept clear to access the intermediate shoot bolt locking handles which are present on all bifolding doors. With slide and stack door systems, a much smaller percentage of the opening area must be kept clear for use centring around the master traffic doorway, where each of the panels eventually swings open.

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