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New Wave Doors standard entry-level glazing, incorporating 28mm double glazed Saint-Gobain Planitherm® Total+, Argon Filled units with SGG Swiss Spacer bar. Oxygene enables our doors to comply with national building control standards for energy efficiency, fully complying with Part L.

It has an optimised balance of low emissivity and high solar gain, ensuring a reduction of energy consumption by the ultimate end user, whilst maximising the amount of incoming natural light.

Oxygenes neutral appearance, with equal light transmission and reflection, provides exceptional clarity unlike other low e units currently on the market.

Oxygene Plus

To further improve on our standard slide & swing offering, there is the optional upgrade to Oxygene Plus. With the same unit specification as Oxygene, but with an improved inner soft coating, changing to Planitherm® One. This further improves the energy efficiency of the glass, and thus brings the overall u-value of your doors down to 1.6W/m2K.

2 3 Pane 7016 "Anthracite grey" aluminium
Aluminium New Wave Vented

Oxygene Colour Safe

With large span multi-panel doors, one of the main disadvantages in the amount of light coming into the room, which can cause fabrics and materials to discolour over time. Cool-Lite® SKN176 reduces the light transmission, without affecting the overall transparency. Giving you a far superior product, and peace of mind that your home furnishings are not going to be tarnished.

Oxygene Cool Safe

High-performance solar control glazing, with excellent neutrality, is high on the list of the general consumer. This is due to the “wall of glass” effect in modern buildings. To avoid the “greenhouse” effect within large glazed structures, New Wave can offer Oxygene Cool Safe glass, incorporating Cool-Lite® solar control glass panels. Cool Safe has a shading coefficient of 0.43 far exceeding standard glazing units. Due to its unique properties, it is ideally suited to applications requiring high light transmittance, low g-value and neutrality, helps to create a much more comfortable interior living area by reducing overheating and reducing the need for air conditioning or similar.

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5 Pane 7016 "Anthracite grey" aluminium

Oxygene Safe and Sound

Oxygene Safe and Sound is our premium glass offering. With noise pollution a common problem in our modern living environment and multi-panel doors giving your home a weak point for sound transmission, potentially reducing the enjoyability of your home surroundings. Stadip® Silence glass, has a laminated external panel, with PVB interlayer. The Silence glass offers enhanced acoustic insulation, simultaneously the lamination enhances the security rating of the glazing to P1A compliant with Document Q of the new building regulations.

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