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Contemporary looks with no unsightly hinges or handles

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First class thermal efficiency made possible by our unique design

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We have fitted our slide and swing system in some incredible places. View our new case studies page and read about the door that’s better than a bifold.


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Who are New Wave Store?

New Wave Store, Based in Bristol, South West, is a dedicated manufacturer and Installer of The New Wave Door: the door that does what bi-folds don’t!

The New Wave Door was first released in the UK in 2012 as a result of the quest by New Wave Doors to find a better solution for wide span doors than the technically and operationally flawed bi-folding door. The New Wave Team set out to eliminate the restricted opening possibilities of bi-folding doors and patio doors whilst retaining any benefits that either of these doors had to offer. From a technical perspective, the aim was to make the New Wave Door reliable, simple to operate, manufacture and install whilst maintaining stunning ascetics with slim, elegant sight lines and virtually no visible hardware.

To achieve all of this the New Wave Team were going to need to ‘go where no man had gone before’. Others had tried and failed, so New Wave were going to need a whole new approach. This led to an intensive research, development and investment programme with an unshakeable focus to create the best wide span door system the world had ever seen.

The result was the innovation of a whole new operating system which in its current form delivers more than the team could have ever expected. This patented operating system blended with ground breaking section design has now led to a whole family of New Wave Doors in various styles and formats to suit all aesthetic and technical requirements. 

The New Wave Store itself is part of the New Wave family and is born out of an increasing demand for New Wave Doors from both homeowners and trade alike; it is a one-stop-shop for the now famous New Wave Door Brand. New Wave Store is a nationwide operation and exists to make sure information is available to help customers understand the substantial benefits of the New Wave Door over a bi-folding door or patio door and then provide easy access to the whole family of New Wave Doors. For more infomation click here

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